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Wellmann Insurance Agency, Inc.
An Independent Insurance Agency


It's Simple - Independent Agencies Give You a Choice.

Independent Insurance Agencies represent a variety of different insurance companies and offer a variety of insurance coverages and prices. By comparing the many insurance companies we represent, we can find the best value and coverage for your needs. ​

We Work for Our Customer.

​We Work for Our Customer. -  Independent insurance agents work for you, not the insurance company. They want your business and all of its risks to have the coverage needed, and not an ounce more. And if there are discounts available that might help lower your premiums, they’ll find them for you. Because independent insurance agents sit and listen to all of your business needs and goals, to help find the perfect protection for you.

One-Stop Shop

Your time is valuable. So why waste it talking to this agent about property coverage, and another agent about liability coverage? With an independent insurance agent, you get a one-stop shop — and that means you get all the insurance you need in one place. Property, liability, workers' comp, or whatever.



Based in Austin, TX; CAA is a privately held aggregator group committed to strengthening the role of independent agencies by combining our expertise and relationships to better serve our clients and business partners.

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TC-horiz-blue-logo.png was created for both independent insurance agents and shoppers to connect with exactly what they need, insurance solutions.  Together with Wellmann Insurance Agency, They help deliver the expert customer experience shoppers need with the coverage and cost they deserve.

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